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FAQS: Answers to Your Most Common Questions

Where are you located?

I am in a salon suite inside of Legacy Salons and Day Spa in Keller.

My appointment is requested but hasn't been accepted yet. Does that mean I don't have an appointment?

Once you have received a notification text stating that your appointment is requested, your time slot is securely reserved. You can confidently plan around this reservation. If any concerns arise, Jody will personally reach out to you via text.

How should I prepare for my hair my first visit?

Text a picture of your hair to 214-814-0355

Do not book an appointment if you are in a time crunch or while on a business call.

Bring inspiration photos.

Please wash and style your hair with or without product within two days of your appointment. 

Do not pull your hair back in any way.

Hair needs to be fully detangled without any knots.

Please have realistic expectations and trust in the process, while understanding it may take several visits to reach your goals

If your hair tangles excessively when wet, please contact Jody so that timing can be adjusted

If you plan to change your products to Innersense Organic Beauty, detoxing/clarifying before your visit is highly recommended. You can pick up a complimentary kit within two weeks of your appointment.

Familiarize yourself with the confirmation, cancellation and no show policy.


How long should I plan for my first visit?

2-3.5 hours. This is not your normal hair appointment. Please do not schedule appointments when in a time crunch or during a business call.

I am overwhelmed by what I have learned online! Is curly hair really that complicated?

No! I simplify the complicated online world of curly hair and turn it into straight forward facts. I teach a very simple, health based approach to curls and will generally only use one to two styling products at your first visit.


How Often Do I Need to get a Cut?

Most cuts can be maintained every 6 months. Some shapes require more maintenance, but most fall around the 4-6 month mark.


Can I Straighten a Curly Cut?

Absolutely! If your hair is healthy then change it up occasionally. There are exceptions to this but most curly cuts can be straightened.

My Hair is so Thick. Can You Thin it?

I refrain from using tools like razors or thinning shears to thin out curly hair, as they compromise the curl structure, resulting in unmanageable frizz. Our specialized layering techniques are designed to remove weight strategically, enhancing your curls' natural shape and definition.


Will I be able to duplicate the salon look at home?

This question is addressed in Jody's reviews. She aims for every guest to recreate the salon look at home, emphasizing her commitment to education.

Are there specific haircut techniques for different curl types?

No, Jody uses techniques and methods from her extensive trainings to create a customized cut to suit each individual’s needs.


I typically don’t like layers. Do curly cuts have layers?

Yes. Every curly cut has layers. However, curly specialists  layer it completely differently. Curly layers will eliminate weight and add shape, volume, and movement. Unlike traditional layers, you won’t see steps or end up with a heavy top layer or shelf. Layers will also eliminate the dreaded triangle look to  help it grow out beautifully, which is part of the reason curly cuts last longer between cuts.

Do I have to use the products you sell?

I advocate for clean beauty. There are numerous product brands available. I guide you on selecting high-quality options that will heal your hair, instead of "fix" 'it.


I want my hair to be healthy. Does that mean I can’t use heat or color my hair?

Applying heat to healthy hair is perfectly fine. Color is also fine, provided you collaborate with a colorist committed to preserving your hair’s integrity.


What if I don’t have the same tools (clips, dryer/diffuser, brush)

The hair tools used in each session aren’t pricey. Jody can provide options tailored to various budgets.


Does it cost the same price for men and children?

All pricing is gender neutral. The cost is the same for everyone. The same amount of time and teaching goes into every appointment.


Why does a curly cut cost more than a regular haircut?

This is not your normal hair appointment. Time: Curly hair takes more time, 2-3.5 hours for your first visit and 90 minutes for a a  returning guest. Specialized training: stylists that specialize in curly hair have traveled nationwide to multiple classes for extensive and costly training in curly hair. Demand: There is a growing demand for curly specialists, and the pricing can reflect the expertise and experience of the specialist.

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