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Jody Brinkmeier

Jody Brinkmeier is an expert in the world of curls and has had a passion for the beauty industry her entire life. With over 25 years of experience, she has dedicated her career to helping individuals embrace and enhance their natural curl pattern. It was overcoming the struggle with her own natural texture that led to her understanding of and passion for curly hair. Realizing that her straight frizzy hair could turn into waves, and with proper care, a full head of curls was life changing. Her own story is what ignited her curly hair career and she has been pursuing curly excellence ever since.

Jody works with all curl types, from loose waves to tight coils. Being a lifelong learner, she regularly attends workshops and conferences, and collaborates with curl specialists all over the country to refine her skills, ensuring clients receive the most cutting-edge treatments available. She has personally trained with top industry leaders such as Lorraine Massey, Scott Musgrave and Nubia Suarez. Jody uses her education to empower guests with the knowledge and tools to maintain their curls at home. She believes that confidence comes from understanding and embracing one’s natural beauty. When you sit in Jody’s chair, you’re embarking on a journey to love and appreciate your unique texture and inspire others around you to do the same.​


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My Family

When she's not in the salon and learning about curls, she keeps busy with her three boys and her dog, Ava. Alden (19) plays collegiate water polo, Max (16) plays the trumpet, Drew (14) has been wrestling since he was six, and Ava (4) was rescued in 2022. She grew up in rural IL where she married Nate, her high school sweetheart. Her happy place is the  beach, her favorite food is seafood, her favorite drinks are a vanilla latte and an old fashion, she would rescue every pitbull if she could, and pickleball is her newfound love!  Being an athlete herself, she is a loud, proud and super competitive sports fan. 

Education & Workshops

Jody uses multiple techniques and methods from her extensive education and training to create a customized curly cut to best suit each individual's needs

DevaCurl- Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Certification

Curly Hair Artistry Symposium 2018, 2019

Curly Hair Artistry Mastery Program (MAP)

RezoCut Certified

Cut it Kinky Level 1

Head Shape Matters Certified

Evan Joseph Curls

Krista Leavitt: Style your Curls With Confidence

Loni Jean: Desert Curls Tutorial

Atoya Bass: The Curly Hair Course

Michelle Stiver: The Curly Academy

Jessica Knight: Beyond Texture

Brianna Bell: Tight Curl Taper Cut

Scott Musgrave: Cultivate Your Curls 

Anna Palotai: Midtown Curls

Innersense Organic Beauty: Product Knowledge and Curly Education

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