“Jody was excellent. She was patient with my inexperience on how to care for my naturally curly hair. She had wonderful suggestions that covered a wide selection of both products and price points. She was friendly, charming and made me feel at ease right away. All of her explanations were thorough and she did not mind explaining more or differently if I got confused. I was easily able to recreate that just out of the salon look myself at home which has never happened before. I look forward to seeing her again at my next visit.“

Lela P

“I wish there was a way to give Jody 6 stars! She took my hair which had been nothing but “fluffy” and shaped it into something beautiful and free with defined curls. All the while she spent a LOT of time teaching me how to do it myself. I’ve had one curly haircut before but could never replicate the finished hair, so I thought I was going out on a limb to try again with Jody. Couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m still getting compliments on my hair and I’ve washed it twice. A little more practice and I’ll have it just right. If you’re a little concerned about a dry curly cut like I was, Jody is the one who can give you a fabulous cut and teach you how to look like a beautiful curl girl every day.” Kathy M


“Jody is not just a stylist, she’s an educator. This was my first time going to Jody and I am in love with my hair now. Most of the time you get a your hair cut, it looks great in the chair but you can’t replicate the work the stylist did on your own hair. Not with Jody, she educates you on how to care for your curly hair. I learned so much about my hair during the time I spent with her. She cut it beautifully, show me how to dry and and style it myself, told me what not to do (not over dry it), and which products would be best for my hair. I’ll definitely be going back to her. My good hair days have increased incrementally after having her cur my hair. I finally love having curls.”

Kira L

"Jody is phenomenal! She shares her curl knowledge and holds nothing back! My teenage daughter's hair has never looked as beautiful as it does after having Jody work her magic! And it's magic my daughter can learn and do herself at home! Jody is a God send." 

Jun K

"Jody is a joy to be around! She is an educator first and is excellent in her craft. I've tried several curl hair stylists in DFW area and she's the best."

Liand N

"Jody is a GOD SEND for curly-haired people. She's an expert with all types of curls. I used to dread walking out of a hair cut with poofy hair, since most people don't know how to cut and style curls. But I LOVE what she does with my hair. I get compliments all the time thanks to Jody."

Anna W


“If you know me at all, you know that I’ve struggled with what to do with my hair for basically all my life. About a year ago, I decided to take a chance a new salon and let Jody cut my hair. She did the DevaCut and I walked away feeling the best I have ever felt after a hair cut. she gave me tip and tricks for how to style my hair, what products to use, and so much self confidence as well. My hair became healthy and vibrant; my curls have never looked better. So, of course, when I decided to do something wild and crazy, I stuck with Jody, and we created something amazing! My curly pixie cut looks amazing and I’m more than comfortable and educated to style it and keep it healthy. Thank you Jody and DevaCurl for giving me confidence and control over my hair!”

Krystyn M

"Jody worked her magic and my daughter's hair looks amazing. I was very impressed with her skills and knowledge. She is so passionate about teaching her clients how to care for their curls. Jody is the real deal."

Kisha C

“Jody is amazing! She’s very nice and incredibly helpful. Two minutes into meeting her and it was obvious that she truly has a passion for curly hair. She answered all my questions and taught me how to do EVERYTHING-I had no idea I was even washing my hair the wrong way. I waited to write my review until after I washed it and styled it myself and sure enough I was able to recreate the defined bu voluminous frizz free curls we’re all after. I’ve gotten so many compliments already even from an aunt who previously described my curls as “a mess”. I’m just sad I didn’t discover Jody sooner! Cant wait to fulfill my curly hair dreams with her help!”

Alla Druz

"Every interaction I've had with jody has been fantastic. She was extremely informative and kind when cutting and styling my hair (which turned out perfect!) and when I needed to pick up styling products during the Coronavirus pandemic she was gracious enough to allow porch pickup."

Stephanie C

"Love love Jody! She gave me faith my hair again, she was very detailed and took her time explaining everything you need about your hair and it's texture! Highly recommend!!!"

Kayleigh A

"Jody changed the life of my hair and helped me finally embrace my natural curls! Can't recommend her enough!"

Candice C

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